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On the Nomenclature of Complexity Reductions

I think it’s fair to say that there is a general confusion about reduction in complexity theory, and I think a lot of it comes from the terminology used. To underscore the point, I recently had a discussion about the time complexity of prime factorization with a friend, during which neither of us were able to consistently use the terminology correctly …

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Slider scaling

Sliders are often used to give a visual cue in content filtering; the user drags a slider to a position corresponding to some value, and content is then filtered according to that value.

Linear slider scales provide a poor user experience, because the underlying data is rarely a uniform distribution. This creates two problems; large portions of the slider may represent no change in the filtering …

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A Joiner’s Mallet in Walnut

I decided a good project for me would be making a mallet. I had a reasonably sized block of walnut lying around from my school days, and I needed one. I’d been using a plastic hammer with far too little heft. Generally speaking, the less mass a tool has, the faster you will end up moving it to generate the same …

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